The Train to Amazingness

July 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

Two things to acknowledge first of all:

This post is heavily inspired by this post, from; and also motivated by feedback that Paleolates posts can read as somewhat negative – looking back, this may be true (I would say I’m reacting to empty cheerleading for Pilates). So what follows is intended to be relentlessly positive….

(And it turns out that being relentlessly positive with the ‘pen’ doesn’t come so naturally to me, so this may be brief, and relying on the words of others).

Where on earth is Amazingness? (If I was writing this in the US it would probably be called Awesomeville)  If you’re not there already, it’s not far off, and this train goes straight there. Being a metaphoric train, its tracks go wherever you happen to be, and there are no drivers threatening industrial action over Olympic bonuses….

Before I over-elaborate into a dead-end, here’s the point: It’s our birthright to be amazing. 

It seems that we settle for less all too often. Accepting the idea that physical deterioration is normal; that being sedentary is normal; that feeling bloated after eating is normal; that feeling sluggish in the morning/afternoon/evening is normal; in fact, that anything less than amazing is just the normal run of things.

In the words of Patanjali “If you desire a glorious future, transform the present. There is no other choice.” I may have quoted this previously, it remains one of my favourites, and I’m trusting/hoping that everyone reading wants nothing less than a glorious future (again, it’s your birthright). Another idea that I’ve borrowed previously, from Kelly Starrett, says that if we’re eating, sleeping and moving well, we are ‘perfect healing machines’, and should not be settling for physical deterioration.

Being amazing might be feeling amazing, looking amazing, doing amazing things, or just knowing deep down that you are. If you’re not amazing at this moment, why not?! Get on with it! Borrowing from an article ’30 Rules to Lift Like a Man’:

“everyday millions of people have it worse off than you, you live like a damn rock star compared to the worlds majority and you don’t even realize it, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start getting shit done. If you got out of bed today, then there is no reason you can’t go be awesome”

Though the above source is dedicated to ‘lifting heavy’, this is, of course, only one of millions of ways to go about being amazing. The same sentiment applies. If you’re settling for not being amazing, how could that be? Look within, or in the mirror if that works better for you, and see if you can truly find reasons not to be amazing. It is your birthright. It will quite likely take some work, and application, but that’s a small price to pay for being less than we might be.

I was considering for a moment including pictures of some famous amazing people but rejected the idea. There is no need to aspire to be like someone else, being the best available version of yourself will make you amazing (making me think of the Berocca advert – “you, but on a really good day”). 

Just as smiling appears to be contagious, who’s to say that being amazing isn’t equally so? Let’s get on with it.


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